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Hey! My name is Kristen Parrish

Nice to meet you! I'm a Utah -based flute teacher and music educator. Basically, I'm a huge music nerd. Maybe you are too, and that's great! I love working with students of all ages and teaching flute is the highlight of my week, every week. I studied music education at Brigham Young University (Go Cougars!), so I know my stuff and I'm here to share all that stuff with you. 


I was lucky enough to grow up with a GREAT music program in Naperville, IL, which is really close to Chicago. In that music program, I grew my music nerd potential through marching band, wind ensemble, chamber groups, pit orchestra, and even playing the steel drums in a steel band! Chicago is my HOME and I'm a big fan of the Cubs, Bulls, and Blackhawks. Oh, and deep dish pizza of course. 


I was shipped off to BYU where I was in the flute studio, marching band, symphonic band, jazz lab band, and some other fun groups. I also found my love of international travel through a music teaching internship in Bolivia. I taught in (very bad) Spanish and loved every minute.  At BYU, I wanted to be a band director and thought that was my ONE CALLING in life. Well... after two years of trying it out at South Ogden Jr High, I decided it was fun, but I really liked working with smaller groups of students and with individuals. I LOVE seeing the progress a student makes in private lessons, and I truly believe it makes a HUGE difference.


Now I've decided to settle down and plant some Utah roots, because I love living near the mountains! I have been teaching in the Utah area for a couple years now and I am loving being a full-time flute teacher to students of all ages. My students are often leaders and soloists with their bands and participate in all state, competitions, recitals, and different performing groups throughout Utah. When I'm not jamming on flute with my students, I enjoy hiking, camping, rock climbing, backpacking, scuba diving, and traveling with my husband, Wilson, and my dogs, Chino and Rosie. 

So what do you think? Ready to join my flute nerd herd?

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Oh yeah, check out those sleeves

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