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Lehi, UT Flute Lessons

Each lesson is fit to YOU and your needs! However, we do cover all the basics together, like:

  • Tone production (sounding BEAUTIFUL)

  • Technique (scales, correct note fingerings)

  • Music Literacy (rhythm and note reading)

  • Performing with CONFIDENCE!

  • Music Theory and Music History

  • How to make music, well...MUSICAL! 

In addition to lessons, my flute students also have great opportunities such as:

  • Competitions

  • Flute Parties and Field Trips

  • Recital Performances

  • Masterclasses with guest teachers

  • Discounted rates for Parrish Flute Studio camps


OKAY, but do we have any fun?

You bet we do!

Besides having a teacher with a winning personality, we have a GREAT time in lessons! We play lots of flute games, have fun challenges throughout the year like Flute BINGO (Fluto), I frequently have the students help me choose the pieces they play from classical, to pop tunes, to Disney! I have a knack for finding music that each student enjoys playing, and sometimes students love the songs so much, its hard to get them to let it go once they've learned it! 

What is a lesson like?

You walk in the door and I am SO HAPPY to see you! We chat about your week, your hobbies, your really difficult class, maybe even the scary playing test in band. We start off doing some warm ups focusing on YOUR strengths and weaknesses and get your most amazing flute sound going.

Then we might play a game! Scale Jenga, Super-Mega-Sightreading-Challenge, or maybe a listening call and response game, all while improving your technique. We also have some mini theory lessons where I teach you all the tricks to being the smartest student in band.

We'll cover anything stressing you out in band. Maybe a solo audition, or a tricky section in your All-State music. My students typically excel at the top of their band classes. If you're not there yet, I'm confident we can get you there. I've also had students go to both region and all state!

Then we'll pull out whatever solo or duet you are working on. It's a solo you LOVE and we are getting it ready for a performance. I'll teach you all my tips and tricks for learning a piece PERFECT so you can be confident and excited to perform. We'll work as a team, making musical decisions TOGETHER so you don't feel like a flute robot, but a real musician. You'll pack up your flute and we'll chat some more about other life stuff. Once you leave, I write all my notes about your huge improvements and how great you are!

For Parents: Are lessons worth it?

Short answer - yes. Here's why:

Imagine you're a band director for beginning band. (I've been here, so I KNOW). You have 90 beginning students, playing at least 8 different instruments that are NOTHING alike. Some students know how to read music and are super bored, some students are struggling to get their instrument to make a sound, a student in the back just dropped their instrument that you now have to fix. You have 10 beginning flutes, and most of them are doing okay, but you don't have the class time to help the kids who slipped through the cracks and who just stop playing when the hard parts come. Oh, and the only instruction you've ever gotten on how to play the flute was 5 years ago for a semester in college, because you're a trumpet player.

See the problem?

Band directors do an awesome job at teaching how to play in a band, but they literally don't have the time or resources to help each student achieve their best on their instrument. To a band director, a kid who has taken private lessons is AWESOME, because they can be a leader and an example in their class. There is just no real replacement for quality one-on-one instruction.

I don't know if my kid will stick with band, so I don't want to spend the money on lessons.

I hear this a LOT. I understand. I've looked at some lessons and masterclasses before and thought "THEY CHARGE...WHAT?!?" Private lessons are more expensive than a free public school band class. Good private lessons are more expensive than having Sally-down-the-street teach your kid the first few notes on flute. If you REALLY want your kid to develop a lifelong talent, a love for music, and stick with the flute, have them take private lessons. Students who feel successful on the flute are much more likely to stay with it. If they struggle through one year of band and constantly feel frustrated and behind, or even bored and unchallenged, they will quit. 

I've got 100 reasons, but don't worry, I won't write them all here.

The bottom line is though, I want to help your student feel how I felt in 7th grade when I started taking flute lessons after two years of being just okay at band. I want them to be so proud of the cool new music that they got that looks so impressive that they stick it at the front of their band folder so their friends see it. I want them to be so excited and surprised when they make it into a more advanced band, or an all state band, or get the solo they wanted. I want them to go to college and play in a band because they developed a love for it as a kid, and now it's an outlet for the stress that school brings. I want them to go to a symphony concert when they are 60 with their grandkid who just started band and say "Oh, I love this piece! I played it on flute when I was in band." Music connects us to others and to the world around us. Developing a love for music is always worth it in the end, whether they play for 3 years, or 20. 

If you're on the fence, shoot me a message. I'm not a car salesman! I'd love to talk to you about your student, your concerns, or even your budget. I'm sure we can work something out. Thanks for hearing me out!

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